No harmful radiation is used in ultrasound examinations. By using ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves are sent into the body, reflected and picked up again by the transducer. This allows the examiner to directly analyze different organs.
This examination is performed daily basis in every clinic, especially in order to examine the abdomen. Here it is important to follow the breathing commands of the doctor, because the quality and accuracy of the findings will be optimized.
Ultrasound is also an important procedure in preventive mammography.


Which organs are examined by means of ultrasound?

Ultrasound can basically be used on all organs, except for organs filled with air (lungs and stomach intestinal tract) and bones, as these cannot be analyzed by means of ultrasound.

Can pregnant women be examined by means of ultrasound?

Yes, they can. Ultrasound examinations are not harmful to an embryo. Also the direct examination of the embryo in the uterus won´t cause any damages.

What do I have to consider for the examination?

For the sonography of the upper abdomen we ask you not to eat for 3 hours so that the gall bladder does not collapse and there is not too much air in the stomach, which would limit the proper conditions for an examination. That is why we also try to carry out the examinations in the morning. We ask you to take your medication with a sip of water.
For the sonography of the lower abdomen we ask you to come with a full bladder as this will improve the examination conditions.
If we have to perform a sonography of vessels in your neck when you are a male, please shave thoroughly before an examination in order to optimize the conditions.