Conditions for the use of the DZ10 WLAN

Terms of use

Users must observe the following rules for use:
Users are permitted to use WLAN exclusively on the premises of the DZ10. Users can access it by entering a password. This password is only given to clients of the DZ10. The password may not be passed on to third parties. The provisions of the Data Protection Ordinance and the Austrian Data Protection Act, as amended, must be observed by users without restriction.
Users undertake not to use the available bandwidth excessively (e.g. for video streaming, Voice-Over-IP services, online gaming, etc.), as Internet access is shared with other users.
Any use that could endanger public order and security or morality or that violates applicable laws must be avoided.
It is not allowed to retrieve data that shows pornographic, racist, violent and/or other prohibited content.
Furthermore, it is prohibited to connect to services that provide or distribute copyrighted data (e.g. P2P networks, BitTorrent, Fasttrack, I2P, etc.), to provide, distribute or disclose data via such services, to circumvent the security measures of the service provider (e.g. by using proxies, firewalls, etc.), to perform hacking or similar damaging actions, to operate servers or other services.

Scope of services

The DZ10 is only an access mediator. It is a free and voluntary service that can be discontinued at any time. There is no legal claim to uninterrupted use, unrestricted access and/or a specific performance of the WLAN. The DZ10 therefore does not guarantee the unrestricted availability of the WLAN, the accessibility of servers and/or the error-free transmission or forwarding of data traffic. 

Virus protection when using the WLAN

The DZ10 points out that users themselves must ensure that their own terminal equipment is adequately protected against malicious programs (viruses) or attempted intrusion (hacking) from the Internet and that their data is secured. Users bear all risks that may arise from the use of the WLAN for their own data, hardware and software. 


The DZ10 is not liable for any damage that may occur through the use of the WLAN. Compensation for damages of any kind, including consequential damages of third parties and damages resulting from third party claims, is therefore excluded in any case, as far as legally permissible.
Users therefore also bear sole responsibility for their own content and for the use of third-party content they use. If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, the user is responsible for it.
If claims are made against the DZ10 in this regard, the DZ10 has the right to indemnify and hold users harmless. 

Privacy policy

When using the services described above, no personal data is processed.

Other regulations

Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be or become legally ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provisions shall be replaced as soon as possible by new provisions which come as close as possible to the economic content of the legally invalid provisions.